Hipgnosis - Car



Peter Gabriel Album Cover

Countersigned by: Peter Gabriel

Published by Real World, UK in 2010

Limited edition of 99 and 25

Unframed £1680

Car is one of a collection of limited edition archival inkjet prints published to celebrate a catalogue of truly remarkable and unique soundworks by Peter Gabriel. Car was the first of Peter Gabriel's four eponymously titled solo albums following his departure from Genesis (the 'car' label arose simply from the need to differentiate between the four). 

Storm Thorgerson remembered that the cover was inspired by a rainy cab journey though Trafalgar Square: "On the bonnet of this vehicle sat myriad drops that were being shaken by the vibrating cab... I thought, 'That looks cool, can I duplicate it one day?', which is how Peter Gabriel came to be sitting, looking furtive in the front seat of my beloved Lancia Flavia which had been heavily dowsed with a garden hose, the car not Peter, I hasten to add. I feel that what makes this shot distinctive is the hand colouring (the blue) and the fact that each individual highlight was scraped clean with a scalpel by a very patient Richard Manning. This low-key portrait approach was a credit to Peter Gabriel's modesty. He appeared similarly obscured in the next two albums namely Melt and Scratch, in which the designs were more concerned with idea, mood, and evocation than with cosmetics and how good looking we made him. Don't get me wrong... he's not bad looking, is our Pete. Sanity rather than vanity." 

Car is unique in this collection, in that the smaller print (the edition of 99) is a silkscreen print with spot glazing. The larger print (edition of 25) is an archival inkjet. Every print in this collection has been countersigned by Peter Gabriel himself.

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