Emma Valbret 

Emma Valbret was the 2012 winner of the Dan Hemingway Creativity Prize, awarded for her creative potential in photography.

She submitted the photograph Silver printed at A1 size and presented in a simple black frame. Emma later explained how the very striking image is of a friend Maria, originally from the Sudan, with silver body paint on her face. She lit the shot with a reading lamp shining downwards from a shelf, and hung a black T-shirt in the background.

Emma also wrote in her submission: 

'Photography is the part of art that has always been of fascination to me. The idea that we can click a button and that this will freeze and preserve a memory forever is incredible. For me, the most special quality of this process is that someone has the ability to create something of physical and sentimental value from an intangible moment in life, the concept that you have created something which could potentially exist forever. This is my main inspiration for photography.

'Emma took A Levels in Biology, French and Photography, and after spending several months of a gap year travelling around the world she plans to study Biology at Leeds university.