Luke Malhi is the 2020 winner of the Dan Hemingway Creativity Prize, awarded for his excellent film Roulette. 

Luke directed and produced the winning film while studying in New York. 

Award winner Luke said: “I was lucky enough to study at the New York Film Academy at the start of my sixth form at Cherwell, while also doing my A Levels remotely. I was struck by the inequality in New York – the fact that homelessness and real wealth rub shoulders – and I wanted to make a film that showed that whether you were homeless or wealthy could be down to just dumb luck, whether you turned right or left on a particular day. The film follows a man who is wealthy, rude and entitled. He has a bad day and briefly wants a different life."

Luke intends to study Politics and International Relations at the University of Bristol, before becoming a filmmaker.

The 2020 judges were Miles Waters, Will Wiles and Sue Hemingway.

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