Alyssa Kilzer

Alyssa Kilzer is a writer from Boston, Massachusetts. She earned an MA Hons in Art History at the University of St Andrews, followed by an M Litt in Creative Writing.

She won the 2011 Dan Hemingway Short Story Prize for 'The Deposition', which approaches an event remembered and experienced by an entire nation from a more intimate angle. Alyssa is currently working on a collection of interconnected short stories, themed around experiences and relationships that define a family across three generations. The collection blends memoir-inspired work with stories from her own family history. 

In 2009 Alyssa received a Notable Mention in Aesthetica Magazine’s Creative Works Competition for a work of short fiction. She has also written non-fiction for BOMB Magazine’s blog, and contributed to a number of student publications at St Andrews. The Dan Hemingway Prize is her most major award to date and she continues to submit to publications. Alyssa also teaches yoga.

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