Ariel Grace Faulkner

Ariel is a young up-and-coming writer of contemporary American literary fiction. She was raised on the campus of Choate Rosemary Hall, a renowned preparatory school in Connecticut, which she later attended as a student. Ariel went on to read English at the University of St. Andrews, graduating in 2008 after four years as an expat.

The Dan Hemingway Short Story Prize was the first recognition that Ariel ever received for her writing. In many ways this experience influenced her decision to pursue her creative ambitions and seek publication.

To date Ariel has penned three award-winning short stories: 'My Cousin Nurse Mindy Who Saw the Feet of Elvis One Day' (2007), 'Shutter' (2008), and 'Whites-Only Grocery' (2009).

Ariel currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. She is working on her first novel, 'Before the Flood', set in New Orleans in the weeks before Hurricane Katrina makes landfall.