Diana Adachukwu Igwegbu

Ada Igwegbu is a Nigerian-British writer from Aberdeen, Scotland, and is currently in her second year at the University of St Andrews studying Geology.

She won the 2014 Dan Hemingway Short Story Prize for ‘Childbearing’. Ada wrote the short story in the summer of 2014 whilst working in France. ‘Childbearing’ came about after a phone call home to her paternal grandmother, the first in months, that made her think about familial relationships forced to exist across language barriers.

The Dan Hemingway Short Story Prize may be the first formal recognition that Ada has received for her fiction, but she enjoys writing and plans to continue doing so. She loves short stories and dreams of having something published in Granta magazine. At the moment, she is working on a longer fiction piece about broken relationships and fleeting identity.

The 2014 judges were Reif Larsen, Ruth Thomas and Sue Hemingway.

Click here to read her winning story 'Childbearing'